Crisis Intervention Registration Crisis Intervention Training

CIT instruction provides Officer training in addressing protocols when encountering those with mental illness while promoting safe and humane responses to those experiencing a mental health crisis.

This registration are for those who want to attend the training but are not affiliated with FTACS or has an account with FTACS.
Grant Intent to Apply 2022
Student Appraisal of Training Give us a critical evaluation of the training you received. Your comments and suggestions for improving our training program will be appreciated. Please feel free to voice your true opinion. Both negative and positive comments will be considered.
TCI Conference Speaker Application An application for local agencies to complete if you like to be a speaker at any TCI conferences. Must be a Sheriff, Jail Administrator, or an Facility Training Officer.
Tennessee Correctional Leadership Initiative Application This application is required to enroll in the Tennessee Correctional Leadership Initiative. After completing the web application please notify your FTO and request enrollment via FTACS. Enrollments will be approved after the applications have been reviewed and your FTO will be notified of your approval.


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